Allan + Vanessa – Montreal Wedding Photography

When I think about this wedding, two words come to my head: Smiles and Tears!
Allan, the groom was the one of the happiest guys that I meet. With a lot of sense of humor, Its easy to get a big and natural smile of him
Vanessa, the bride, was pure emotion, I confess that was hard to hold my tears when her father was helping her to put a collar on her neck
Also, this wedding was what Montreal really is, a mix between cultures. Was really fun to hear Latino songs, present because of the Mexican groom’s family, and also the Portuguese musics, because of the bride’s family.

Allan + Vanessa

Allan + Vanessa-2 Allan + Vanessa-3 Allan + Vanessa-4 Allan + Vanessa-5 Allan + Vanessa-6 Allan + Vanessa-7 Allan + Vanessa-8 Allan + Vanessa-9 Allan + Vanessa-10 Allan + Vanessa-11 Allan + Vanessa-12 Allan + Vanessa-13 Allan + Vanessa-14 Allan + Vanessa-15 Allan + Vanessa-16 Allan + Vanessa-17 Allan + Vanessa-18 Allan + Vanessa-19 Allan + Vanessa-20 Allan + Vanessa-21 Allan + Vanessa-22 Allan + Vanessa-23 Allan + Vanessa-24 Allan + Vanessa-25 Allan + Vanessa-26 Allan + Vanessa-27 Allan + Vanessa-28 Allan + Vanessa-29 Allan + Vanessa-30 Allan + Vanessa-31 Allan + Vanessa-32 Allan + Vanessa-33 Allan + Vanessa-34 Allan + Vanessa-35 Allan + Vanessa-36 Allan + Vanessa-37 Allan + Vanessa-38 Allan + Vanessa-39 Allan + Vanessa-40 Allan + Vanessa-41 Allan + Vanessa-43 Allan + Vanessa-44 Allan + Vanessa-45 Allan + Vanessa-46 Allan + Vanessa-47 Allan + Vanessa-48 Allan + Vanessa-49 Allan + Vanessa-50 Allan + Vanessa-51 Allan + Vanessa-52 Allan + Vanessa-53 Allan + Vanessa-54 Allan + Vanessa-55 Allan + Vanessa-56 Allan + Vanessa-57 Allan + Vanessa-58 Allan + Vanessa-59 Allan + Vanessa-60 Allan + Vanessa-61 Allan + Vanessa-62 Allan + Vanessa-65 Allan + Vanessa-66 Allan + Vanessa-67 Allan + Vanessa-68 Allan + Vanessa-69 Allan + Vanessa-70 Allan + Vanessa-71a Allan + Vanessa-71-b Allan + Vanessa-73 Allan + Vanessa-75 Allan + Vanessa-76 Allan + Vanessa-77 Allan + Vanessa-78  Allan + Vanessa-80 Allan + Vanessa-81 Allan + Vanessa-82 Allan + Vanessa-83 Allan + Vanessa-84 Allan + Vanessa-86 Allan + Vanessa-87 Allan + Vanessa-88 Allan + Vanessa-89  Allan + Vanessa-91 Allan + Vanessa-92 Allan + Vanessa-93 Allan + Vanessa-94 Allan + Vanessa-95 Allan + Vanessa-96 (2) Allan + Vanessa-97 Allan + Vanessa-98

IMG_1982 (2)-Edit Allan + Vanessa-100 Allan + Vanessa-101 Allan + Vanessa-102 Allan + Vanessa-103 Allan + Vanessa-104 Allan + Vanessa-105 Allan + Vanessa-106 Allan + Vanessa-107 Allan + Vanessa-108 Allan + Vanessa-final

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