Rania + Rany Engagement – Montreal – Quebec

What is love?? By definition is an intense feeling of deep affection. But of course is more than that, right?

When I meet this young couple for the engagement session, I saw that, above all, they were good friends

And all this nice feeling of friendship, was present during the session

We had fun, we smiled, we drank

Just like friends!

You can see the results below!!

Rania + Rany-1a

Rania + Rany1-b Rania + Rany-2 Rania + Rany-3 Rania + Rany-4 Rania + Rany-5 Rania + Rany-7 Rania + Rany-8 Rania + Rany-9 Rania + Rany-10 Rania + Rany-12 Rania + Rany-13 Rania + Rany-14  Rania + Rany-15 Rania + Rany-16 Rania + Rany-17 Rania + Rany-14bRania + Rany-18 Rania + Rany-18a Rania + Rany-20 Rania + Rany-21 Rania + Rany-22  Rania + Rany-23 Rania + Rany-24 Rania + Rany-25Rania + Rany-22a

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