Valérie + Mathew – Montreal – Quebec – Canada – Wedding

” What greater thing is there for two human souls
than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen
each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow,
to share with each other in all gladness,
to be one with each other in the
silent unspoken memories?”

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Montreal Wedding Photographer

Valerie & Mathew-2

Valerie & Mathew-4 Valerie & Mathew-5 Valerie & Mathew-6 Valerie & Mathew-7 Valerie & Mathew-8 Valerie & Mathew-9 Valerie & Mathew-10 Valerie & Mathew-11 Valerie & Mathew-12 Valerie & Mathew-13 Valerie & Mathew-14 Valerie & Mathew-15 Valerie & Mathew-16 Valerie & Mathew-17 Valerie & Mathew-18 Valerie & Mathew-19 Valerie & Mathew-20 Valerie & Mathew-21 Valerie & Mathew-22 Valerie & Mathew-23 Valerie & Mathew-24 Valerie & Mathew-25 Valerie & Mathew-26 Valerie & Mathew-26a Valerie & Mathew-27 Valerie & Mathew-28 Valerie & Mathew-29  Valerie & Mathew-30Valerie & Mathew-31 Valerie & Mathew-32 Valerie & Mathew-33 Valerie & Mathew-34 Valerie & Mathew-35 Valerie & Mathew-36 Valerie & Mathew-37 Valerie & Mathew-38 Valerie & Mathew-39 Valerie & Mathew-40 Valerie & Mathew-41 Valerie & Mathew-42 Valerie & Mathew-43 Valerie & Mathew-44 Valerie & Mathew-45 Valerie & Mathew-46 Valerie & Mathew-47 Valerie & Mathew-48 Valerie & Mathew-49 Valerie & Mathew-50 Valerie & Mathew-51 Valerie & Mathew-52 Valerie & Mathew-53 Valerie & Mathew-54 Valerie & Mathew-55 Valerie & Mathew-56 Valerie & Mathew-57 Valerie & Mathew-58Valerie & Mathew-81Valerie & Mathew-59Valerie & Mathew-60Valerie & Mathew-61Valerie & Mathew-62Valerie & Mathew-63Valerie & Mathew-64Valerie & Mathew-65Valerie & Mathew-66Valerie & Mathew-67Valerie & Mathew-68Valerie & Mathew-69Valerie & Mathew-70Valerie & Mathew-71Valerie & Mathew-72Valerie & Mathew-73Valerie & Mathew-74Valerie & Mathew-76Valerie & Mathew-76aValerie & Mathew-77Valerie & Mathew-78Valerie & Mathew-79Valerie & Mathew-80

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